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Technical Support is the most comprehensive "how to" publication in the industry. Oriented toward professionals involved with a myriad of computing technologies, Technical Support discusses the topics of importance in mainframe, host-based and network-oriented environments.

From S/390 and zSeries to web-enablement to Linux and Windows NT/2000, Technical Support covers the topics that are important to today's support professionals. Whether you're a systems programmer or a network administrator, Technical Support provides detailed "how-to" information and strategies to help keep your system running optimally.

Technical Support relies heavily on its readers and other industry experts rather than free-lance writers to provide the content of each issue. We defer to these IT experts to provide NaSPA members with the hands-on, "how-to" information they need to leverage the technologies used and supported in their enterprises. Articles range from user experiences installing a particular product or streamlining a particular process, to shortcuts for migrating to a new operating system, to cross-comparisons of which network operating system works best.

Technical Support also provides in-depth coverage of such perennial concerns within the data center as storage, security, printing, backup and recovery, and disaster recovery.

Technical Support
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Technical Support
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