Reasons to Join NaSPA

  1. Industry Authority: Since 1986 NaSPA has been the official voice of the corporate computing technical professionals. NaSPA has members in over 80 countries worldwide.
  2. Education Foundation Programs. NaSPA has an ever increasing list of approved education vendors in all areas of technical and management related education. Seminars, conferences and conventions are all available to meet your individual educational requirements.
  3. Interpersonal Networking: Take advantage of NaSPA’s many List Servers, affiliated Users Group’s, educational programs, volunteers, officers and board members and staff to get answers to your questions.
  4. Chapters: Join or start a chapter and network with your local peers.
  5. Career Growth: NaSPA’s exclusive “Career Enhancement” portion of the NaSPA web site has thousands of international job postings, classified job advertisements and an annual salary survey to help you plan your future.
  6. Leadership Opportunities: Get involved – You can participate in NaSPA projects and strategic direction with your volunteer energy! Join a committee, apply for a board of directors or officer position, write an article for Technical Support or Network Support magazine, start a project, work on the web site!
  7. Recognition: Become a NaSPA member and write an article for Technical Support or Network Support magazine, start a Chapter or Affiliated Users Group, apply for a board of directors or officer position, get known in the industry. Earn the respect of your peers, your employer, your industry and your association!
  8. Information: Access the Members Only sections of the NaSPA website. Access Technical Support and Network Support magazine archives, Shareware and Public Domain Software, Salary and Jobs information, discount programs, etc.
  9. Private Email and Website: Gold and Platinum members of NaSPA get personal websites and email boxes included in the cost of membership. Use the NaSPA email boxes for personal use. No employer will ever audit or access your NaSPA mailbox! And your domain name will be, not some unknown or morally-questionable domain name.
  10. Stature and Respect: Rub shoulders with top people in the industry. The NaSPA name on your resume implies knowledge, commitment, experience and ability.
  11. The Best! Join the largest and best organization of its kind in the world. Join NaSPA!
  12. Make a difference:  in your career, in your industry, in your life.